I think for the past two weeks. I’ve watched 5/6 Anime series.

Of course some are still on-going and waiting for.(Dubs for the most part)

  1. Oreimo (Still freaked out about this one.)
  2. My Bride is a Mermaid
  3. Ookami-San and Her Seven Companions
  4. Date Alive (Waiting for Season 2 to be dubbed)
  5. Attack On Titan (Only up to 13 cause Dubs)
  6. K-On! 

I think i might be going back to my anime phase…or not, Haha we’ll see. I am sick after all so I have enough free time since im bedridden. 

Sucks I go back to work on Sunday though =___= Ahs Wells. More food for my debit card at least!


Recently my dad was talking to me about getting into Boeing again. There are so many problems that get in the way. School. Security and the right time. School, I really want to at least finish getting my AA. Though if I do get into Boeing. Ill just try and take online classes. Security, I love the job, its not good through financial standards but its fun for me to do. And well the time isn’t right. Boeing isn’t hiring the position my Dad and Sister are doing, and all the stuff I stated above are in the way.

I kind of regret that I didn’t take that year off if I would’ve known College is more better than taking classes at High School. Though If I did take it a year earlier, I wouldn’t have met Yuriy or Nica. I still have my plan. Its the matter of when to carry out that order. Right now, I like where I am. Security and taking school slowly to compensate with having a job.

Late with Challenges

With Work and School…Mostly work keeping me lazy from doing this. I’ll be doing this super lazy



12.Left 4 Dead

13.Metal Gear Series

14. Blade Wolf (Would Post picture but lazy)

15. Can’t post a Screenshot but im playing Lightning Returns again.


17.I have many .__.

18. Lightning <3

19. No picture but Luxerion from Lightning Returns.

Okay, I’ll try my best to do everything fully tomorrow.

I’m actually liking working at Home Plate now :D Really had fun working with the lead and Supervisor. 

VG Challenge 10: Best Gameplay

Omg this one is hard, there really isn’t a best gameplay, only a FUN one. Like this 

VG Challenge 9: Saddest Game Scene

I don’t think I ever cried or became upset to Video Game before yet, but I have moments where I don’t want it to end. Like Lightning Returns’ Epilogue. Or some feelings (NOTICE I DON’T SAY THE MAGGOT WITH AN F INSTEAD OF M, WAY OF SAYING FEELINGS????) I had playing Beyond Two Souls…


VG Challenge Day 7: Favorite Game Couple

This is a hard one. I generally don’t remember game couples as well. So I rather just do this one differently.

I ship Francis York Morgan and Emily….York had feelings for her…So why not? 

I love my job so much.

So many reasons. I’m so glad this was my first job….LEGIT Job..YouthLEAD wasn’t even considered a job at the time. Anyways, one reason is that I love whenever I arrive to the stadium, I get greeted by most co-workers whom I became friends with. They’re a lot older than me, I think Dan might be the oldest friend I’ve made. He’s such a great guy, reminds me of Walker from High School. Then there’s Randy, He’s like someone who would be friends with my dad lol. And I guess i’m friends with Ellen..Shes pretty cool. Scared me the first time I met her, because I had to shadow her…So i got yelled at here and there. The other reason, well, its just a pretty fun place to work at….Maybe because I’m security LOL!